my sadness is eating me up i don’t think i can do it anymore

i’m so sad about everything i think i’m going to be sick

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a guy at phi delts got me super drunk at a formal and tried to hook up with me and I told him no so he flat out left me and my friend and his date had to half carry me home I kept telling him I didn’t want more and he gave me more anyway and I know he wasn’t forcing it down my throat but also definitely wasn’t giving me one shot per mixed drink because I had four drinks and I was hammered. And some of my friends know this happened and still
“Don’t get why you’re never down to go to phi delts anymore”

"But, honestly, I would probably have done the same thing…you can hardly blame them for balking when it happens."
- Comment on “Punting sexual assault response” in the Tech. This person is talking about a dean at S^3 who didn’t want to talk to a student who had been assaulted and who then prohibited her from speaking to her adviser about anything related to her assault. (via mitsexism)

I wonder what it’s like to not be depressed and to not have these thoughts I honestly don’t remember I’ve been like this since seventh grade

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Literally I met this guy T and he’s a junior and he has beautiful long dreads and a beautiful face and great music taste and he let me dj with him and he was so chill and taking care of his drunk big like wow I hope I see him at that frat again he was a really great guy def makes it onto the love of my life list